BNB: 0.000


Hunger: /100

Boredom: /100

Sleepiness: /100

Cleanliness: /100

My Revenge Cat

I'll only ask this once. Please care for me.

Hi, I'm Carl. While I may look angry and scary, I'm actually quite nice. When you play with me, I may nibble a bit. But in return you get some of my $LOVE.


$LOVE can be used to claim some really tasty treats! Use 10 $LOVE to mint an NFT of me. It's slightly embarassing. You better like it.


Everyone is responsible for caring for me. That's why everyone can use $LOVE to earn CAKE. You'll need my NFT too.


Please don't let any of my needs drop to zero. If that happens, I will die. Nobody will get any of my $LOVE, which means nobody can earn CAKE.


Everyone is responsible for my care. Please work with other caretakers and make sure I stay happy. Because $LOVE makes the world (CAKE) go round.

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